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in my own words

There is an undeniable breath to life. As the chest fills with air and falls again, our human experiences seem to follow the proverbial “mountains and valleys” of life. We have all experienced these mountains and valleys. 

I was once bound to the shackles of my experiences, where I was only going through empty motions and not fully experiencing what would fulfill me. In an effort to save my soul, I went searching for deeper meaning, and I re-discovered and re-incorporated the art within me. My inner artist was reborn. 


Art saved me, and now, I have the incredible honor of using art to help others by crafting paintings and sculptures that help people heal from their traumas and feel a sense of peace. Knowing that we all experience highs and lows in life, I use my position as an artist and empath to listen, understand, and immerse myself in people’s stories.  


I now spend my days working with clients, alongside the powerful and healing influence of art, to unlock important dialogue and emotional expression.  

What does that look like? Some days I am facilitating workshops for groups looking for unique ways to unleash and redirect creativity and emotions. Other days I am connecting one-on-one with individuals looking for a more personal healing journey. But most days I am experiencing art through my studio, my garden, and my journey in motherhood.  

The way I see it, art is living, breathing, and forever taking on new meanings and perspectives. This inspires me to create art that gives light and meaning to the bad days and gives attention and perspective to the best days. 

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